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Standard Cabinet Box Specifications


Cabinet box is 5/8" laminate furniture board construction with full access design with a glue and dowel joining system.

Cabinet Exterior

Cabinet box exterior sides match front finish.

Cabinet Interior

Cabinet box interior sides will be white

Shelves  (A)

Adjustable standard shelves are 3/4" thick white laminate furniture board with PVC edge tape. Wall, Talls and Universal Base cabinets feature full depth shelves. Base cabinets with center mullions feature full depth shelves. Base, Base Full Height and Vanity cabinets without a center mullion feature half depth shelves.

End Panels  (B)

End panels are 5/8" thick laminate furniture board with PVC edge tape. All end panels feature vertical end grain.

Tops and Bottoms  (C)

Wall and Tall cabinet tops and Wall, Base, Vanity and Tall cabinet bottoms are a 5/8" thick shelf dowelled into the cabinet side.

Backs  (D)

Backs on all standard cabinets are 1/8" thick pre-printed MDF.

Toekicks  (E)

Standard and Universal Design toekicks are 4 1/2" high, unfinished.

Cross Support

Base cabinets will have 5/8" thick by 4 1/2" high cross supports.

Center Mullion - Wall

Wall cabinets 36" and wider feature a 2 1/2" wide and 5/8" thick furniture board center mullion. Select Wall cabinet center mullions will be perpendicular to the back of the cabinet as noted throughout the book.

Center Mullion - Base, Tall, Vanity and Universal

Base,Tall, Vanity, and Universal cabinets 33" and wider feature a standard 2 1/2" wide and 5/8" thick perpendicular center mullion.


The standard hinge is an integrated soft close concealed 110 degree, 6-way adjustable with a stamped steel cup and hinge body.


Standard Wall

  • Standard Wall heights: 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", 36", and 42"
  • Standard Wall depths: 12" and 24"
  • Wall 9" - 42" wide cabinets are reversible

Standard Base and Vanity


  • Standard Base heights: 34.5"
  • Standard Vanity heights: 32.5", 34.5"
  • Standard Base depths: 24"
  • Standard Vanity depths: 21"

Standard Tall


  • Standard Tall heights: 84", 90", 96"
  • Standard Tall depths: 24"

Standard MDF Laminated Drawer Box 

  • White Drawer Box
  • 5/8" laminated MDF sides, front and back
  • 3/16" pre-printed MDF bottom
  • Drawer front attached to drawer box with staples and screws
  • Butt joint and pinned construction in four corners
  • Standard white 20" glides are epoxy coated steel, nylon rollers

Upgrade Hardwood Drawer Box 

  • List Price for the upgrade hardwood drawer box is $133 per drawer
  • 5/8" solid hardwood sides, front and back
  • 3/16" matching plywood bottom, retained in groove on four sides
  • Drawer front attached to drawer box with staples and screws
  • Butt joint and pinned construction in four corners
  • Finished with a clear catalyzed top coat
  • Concealed 20" undermount full extension drawer glide with integrated soft close

Roll Out Tray Kit 

  • White Roll Out Tray
  • 5/8" laminated MDF sides, front and back
  • 3/16" printed MDF bottom
  • Stapled miter joints in four corners
  • Standard 18" full extension glides
  • Roll Out Trays are a field installed option only


Melamine doors have a particle board core with a durable, thermally fused melamine coating.


Thermofoil doors are vinyl-coated, thermally-glued 5/8" MDF with a melamine backer.The vinyl is bonded to the high-density core using heat and pressure resulting in a product with excellent performance properties.When Rigid Thermofoil is selected, some fillers, panels, moulding and embellishments will use a non-melamine backed core.

  • A heat shield must be used where doors are near heat producing appliances.


Wood doors are made of beech hardwood. Beech is a moderately hard, straight-grained, even-textured wood with excellent strength properties.

Finish Specifications 

All finishes have been designed in conjunction with the latest color trends, styles and finish technologies to create a product of exceptional quality and durability.With a continuous investment in the latest application methods and technologies, Urbana provides one of the best finishes available in the industry. It is because of these finishes that Urbana can guarantee performance of the cabinet surface, free of deterioration and premature discoloration.

Cabinet Care Suggestions

Wondering how to keep your new cabinets looking beautiful?   We can help!

Cabinets care for cabinets that are stained, painted or laminate, including high gloss materials

Dust them periodically.  Use a soft lint-free cotton cloth, or a microfiber cloth for laminate and high gloss cabinetry, AND THAT’S IT!

Need to fight some grime?

  • Usually, a clean, soft cotton cloth ---or microfiber cloth for laminate and high gloss cabinetry--dampened with warm water will do the trick!  
  • For extra grime fighting, a mild solution of dishwashing liquid (not dishwasher products) mixed with fresh, clean, warm water will take of dirt and grease.  5% dishwashing liquid to 95% water is a good ratio.
  • After cleaning your stained or painted cabinets, wipe them down with a clean damp cloth and be sure to dry wet/damp surfaces with another clean soft cloth.   
  • Laminates and high gloss materials MUST be dried with a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

What about spatters and spills?

  • Make sure to wipe them up quickly! Then, clean as needed with warm water or the mild dishwashing liquid solution.  Prolonged exposure to food, water and other liquids, as well as grease and oil splatters can cause permanent damage or discoloration to your cabinets finish.
  •  Don’t forget to dry after cleaning, using a soft clean cloth for stained and painted cabinetry, dry laminates and high gloss cabinets with a microfiber cloth.

Glass Door Care

  • Clean the glass by spraying an ammonia-free glass cleaner on a clean, soft, lint free cloth or paper towel, and wiping down the glass.   Don’t spray glass cleaner directly on the glass, avoiding seepage behind mullions or dividers, which could cause damage to the wood or other materials.

Uh-Oh.  I have a nick on my wood or painted cabinetry. ☹

  • Touch-up kits are available to help hide surface damage on cabinetry.  Your cabinet retailer can facilitate the purchase of the color-matched touch up kit for your specific cabinetry.   
  • The kit will contain instructions on what to do--- the touch-up pen will hide minor blemishes, while the tinted putty stick will fill deeper scratches, gouges or nicks.

Should I polish or wax?


  • Your cabinets don’t require waxing and we don’t recommend it. Over time, waxing and polishing compounds may build up on cabinet surfaces for a hazy, streaked or yellowed appearance.  Wax build up is really hard to remove, no one has time for that!


  • Don’t drape damp dishtowels or clothes over cabinet doors. Moisture can cause permanent damage, like peeling and discoloration to the cabinet finish.  Dry wet surfaces immediately using a soft clean cloth.
  • Heat from the self-cleaning oven feature is much greater than normal cooking temperatures, and could potentially damage surrounding cabinetry. While it is a rare occurrence, minimize the risk of cabinet damage by removing cabinet doors and drawers closest to the oven before using the self-cleaning feature.
  • Direct sunlight tends to darken the color of natural wood products, with the exception of walnut, which will lighten.  Painted wood surfaces and laminates, including high gloss are also suspect to fading or discoloration. Draperies or blinds are the best defense to shield cabinetry from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t clean laminates and high gloss materials in direct sunlight.


  • Harsh detergents, strong soaps, multi-purpose and abrasive cleaning products:
    • Tub and sink cleansers
    • Scouring powders and scouring pads
    • Steel wool or self-polishing waxes
  • Sponges or dish cloths.  They could contain particles that could scratch your cabinets, as well as food, oil residue or remnants of harsh cleaning solutions
  • Paper towels or similar products for high gloss cabinetry, due to the ease of scratching
  • Solvent based or petroleum based products such as mineral spirits, nail-polish removers or paint thinners
  • Ammonia, bleach  or cleaning products that contain either ammonia or bleach
  • Silicone based cleaning, waxing or polishing products


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